• How often are your games updated?
    Every month, at least once.

  • When is the next release?
    You can check the progression on our Patreon page under “Upcoming versions“.

  • Is there a full walkthrough? I don’t know what to do next. What do I do?
    There is NO official walkthrough.
    In EoL you can always check your in game phone and click on “story”. It will tell you want you need to do.
    In LwM load a save and read where you need to go. It’s all pretty simple.

  • When do I know I’ve completed all the content within an update?
    In EoL – Open the in game phone click on “Story” and then on a character. If it says “TO BE CONTINUED“ you’ve reached the end of the content.
    In LwM – Once the main story ends there are usually side quest available. Click “esc” on your keyboard and then on “QUEST TRACKER“ it will say how many side quest you’ve completed. (To complete Mia side quests you need to control Mia. You can control her in certain parts of the game.) Explanation on how to get side quests to trigger can be found on the download post for that version.

  • I found a bug. How do I report it?
    Our games are still in development, bugs can happen. It’s important to explain how you got the bug. (Error code, screenshot and how it happened). The better you explain it the faster we can find it and fix it.
    You can report it on Patreon through messages or by email: inceton.games@gmail.com

  • Will my save file carry over to the next update?
    Echoes of Lust – YES. (Automatically)
    Living with Mia – You need to copy over the save file from the previous version. You can find your old save file in the “/www/save” directory. You copy the files to the new version of the game, the file path is the same.

  • My save is not working! (Living with Mia)
    This usually happens if you copied over a save from a version that you didn’t play to the end.
    Example: You played LwM v1.4a and saved without finishing the main story. Then you downloaded LwM v1.4b, copied over the save file from the unfinished LwM v1.4a your save won’t work. First you need to finish LwM v1.4a

    For any other question you can contact us at: inceton.games@gmail.com